Phuong Dong Trading Co., Ltd, Phuong Dong Co., Ltd. started a career in the automotive sector and is one of the leading service centers providing tourist car tires and car maintenance services in Hanoi. Established in 1995 and officially put into operation in early 1996, the company has built a leading position and is trusted by millions of customers with annual sales of up to 30,000 tires. With the mission of "Caring and securing customers' tires in the best way, bringing comfortable and safe journey for customers." Phuong Dong Company wants to build a brand of system of car service centers. quality, class, prestige and price stability, with the desire to reach further, spread throughout Vietnam and reach the international level.

Michelin Orient is a leader in the development of services in the automotive tire industry. To bring tires from big brands in the world such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and car service products such as Total, Mobil 1, Bendix, Wurth, Castrol, Hengst, Mann, Varta, Denso, ... We are proud to be a reliable partner of big customers such as Mer Ngoi, An Du, Haxaco, Toyota Audi, BMW, Land rover, Honda, Ford, Vinfast, Mazda. , KIA, ... with commitment:

Select and provide customers with the best products and services.
Special preferential price policy.
There is always a team of technicians who check car safety at no cost to customers.
Installation, dynamic balancing, nitrogen pump free at the company's service centers in Hanoi, supporting nationwide delivery.
Always grateful promotions for customers.

Starting from a small company with only 6 members and 1 headquarters, after 25 years of construction and development, the company has more than 60 employees and employees with 1 large headquarters and 2 service centers. By recruiting the best experts in the automotive tire service industry, the technical experts with many years of experience, ensure to bring the best experience to customers when coming to car maintenance. Michelin Orient Car Service Center System.

As a Vietnamese enterprise with a world-class vision, Michelin Orient is proud to bring customers:

Future products, such as non-air tires, self-patching, and runflat tires, even when the air is exhausted.
Provide modern machinery, European standards for car maintenance and maintenance service.
Providing products and services "Diversity - Timely - Guarantee"
In the next 5 years, the company aims to grow to 3-4 car service centers in the gateway areas of Hanoi to meet customer service needs.

Michelin Orient is committed to being a responsible business. Since its inception, among hundreds of competitors in the market, Oriental Michelin has steadily conquered millions of customers with its core values: Honesty - Responsibility - Respect - Surpass. Dominance - Integration - High technology to develop the community and contribute to a safe and modern transportation.

With experience and modern machinery will be able to handle all tire-related diseases such as tire misalignment, rudder, steering deviation, vibration, noise of cars. In addition, regular maintenance and maintenance of brake systems, air conditioners, coolers, batteries, motor oils of cars. The current staff of over 60 people with 1 headquarters and 2 car service centers over 500m2 in the center of Hanoi according to the highest standards of Michelin global - Michelin car service.

Whether you're looking for a car tire that adapts to a variety of terrains, fuel economy, needs peace and quiet or the excitement it brings, our products are right for you. Best warranty market. All products have this warranty policy to help you feel free to trust our excellent product quality.