Why should you work at Phuong Dong Trading Co., Ltd?

After 25 years of establishment and development of Phuong Dong Trading Co., Ltd, Phuong Dong Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading automobile tire service businesses in Vietnam, making great contributions to the development of the country and people of Vietnam, along with attractive remuneration, Phuong Dong Company is always the choice. Choose from thousands of candidates

Overview of Phuong Dong Co., Ltd.

Phuong Dong Trading Co., Ltd - one of the leading service centers providing tourist car tires and car maintenance services in Hanoi.

Established in 1995 and officially put into operation in early 1996, the company has built a leading position and is trusted by millions of customers with annual sales of up to 30,000 tires. With the mission of "Caring for and ensuring the best use of our tires, providing a comfortable and safe journey for our customers." Phuong Dong Company wants to build a brand of the translation center system. quality, class, prestige and price stability car service, with the desire to expand further, bring the Michelin Orient automotive service center system to Vietnam and reach the international level. 

With the vision of becoming a leading symbol of faith in Vietnam on providing tires for human life and the mission of committing to bring the top quality community with respect and love. and with its high responsibility to human and social life, Phuong Dong always pays attention to employee's benefits, builds a strong corporate culture that effectively contributes to the development of the community.

Orient - Top of the best workplace in Vietnam

With the determination to develop sustainably in line with product quality, Phuong Dong always focuses on investing in developing and training high human resources to maintain its position as a major automobile tire service and supply company. most of Vietnam. Understanding the importance of human factors, Phuong Dong always offers attractive salaries, bonuses, health care, life, travel, allowances .... for employees. In addition, the company also focuses on training the young generation, utilizing talent.

Orient always gives employees the best working environment so that they can devote themselves to the development of the company, as well as bring quality products and services to customers. As Orient CEO said, “Becoming the best, fairest and most ideal workplace for employees is one of the top goals that Orient is aiming for.

Starting from an understanding of what employees care about, the company sets a new standard for an ideal and fair workplace so that employees receive a commitment to fully care and grow. ” Orient Board of Directors has always opened internal training programs as well as certified training programs with leading tire companies such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear to help employees study and develop. and perfect skills at work. Not only that, with the development of the company, Phuong Dong employees always have the opportunity to try in new jobs and new positions.

Participating in Phuong Dong's working environment, employees will gain more knowledge, improve their working capacity and develop themselves, in order to achieve good results in work and life, and contribute to the community development.

Salary policy, bonuses and attractive benefits

Orient's view is that salaries, bonuses and remuneration must be suitable to attract and retain employees as well as the leadership. One of the determinants of salary is based on the performance of the company in general and the individual's capacity in particular. According to the statistics given by the Orient, the company's salary and bonus are increasing every year.

Phuong Dong is a business with a high growth rate, the income of Phuong Dong employees is high and stable compared to the salary and bonus level in Vietnam.

Orient's corporate culture and 6 cultural principles - 7 leadership behaviors

Orient has very clearly established values ​​and policies for employees in Eastern corporate culture. Especially the attitude and spirit of employees and businesses are clearly shown.

For businesses / business owners: "Efforts to bring outstanding benefits on the basis of effective use and protection of all resources of the Orient."

For employees: “Respectfully and fairly treat all employees. The Orient creates the best opportunity for all employees to develop equality, build and maintain a friendly, safe and open working environment. "

For customers: “Phuong Dong offers a variety of products and services. Phuong Dong commits itself to the highest quality of products and services, competitive prices and honesty with every deal. ”

The Orient also outlined 6 new cultural principles and 7 leadership behaviors for businesses:

Content of 6 cultural principles

Responsibility: When the incident occurred, the first cause was me.
Result-oriented: Let's talk to each other by quantification.
Be creative and be proactive: Don't say no, always look for 2 solutions.
Collaboration: Adults do not need adults over supervision.
Integrity: My word is Me.
Excellence: I am an expert on international standards in my field.

Content of 7 leadership behaviors

Work with KPIs, plans and reports.
Caring and encouraging at the right time.
Observe competencies and train immediately.
Create a good environment and connect well both inside and outside the Division / Room.
Need to know "bone" - give instructions, do not change.
As "adults" in all behaviors.
He is the elder and the server.

We always aim to a competitive remuneration policy based on the value created by the Orient team based on harmony with the interests of investors and Vietnamese government regulations. This policy demonstrates the respect of the Orient for the career, life and family of each employee, ensuring employees can peace of mind focus on developing careers in the Orient to continue creating and dividing. Share new values.